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To request Triple P One-On-One and be matched with a trained Triple P Practitioner who will call you to set up your first appointment, fill out our Triple P One-on-One Request form.

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We are collecting the following personal and demographic information about you and your family so that we can provide services to meet your family's unique needs.

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In Triple P Programs you will be asked to focus on the behaviours of one child/teen as you learn and practice new parenting strategies. Please fill in the child/teen fields about the child/teen you wish to focus on in Triple P sessions.
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Please check if your child/ teen has been diagnosed with, or is currently being asessed for, any of the following:
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  Socio-Emotional Diagnosis (ODD, Anxiety, ADHD)  
  Learning Disability  
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To help us better understand the demographics of families using Triple P Services, please tell us how many children/teens (including the child you named above) are currently living at home with you.
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