Find the Right Triple P Service for You

To find the best support for you, click on the sentence that best describes your situation. All programs are offered free of charge. Each link will take you to a page where you can request or register for Triple P supports and programs:

  • I'm looking for some quick tips and help on a specific parenting issue (examples: toilet training, healthy sleep routines, bullying, homework, teen dating). (Triple P Quick Tips)
  • I've been having one or two specific parenting challenges recently (examples: dealing with tantrums, aggressive behaviour, bedtime routines, curfews) and I would like to learn some strategies to help make things better. (Triple P One-on-One)
  • I am having a lot of challenges with parenting and/or my child/teen's behaviour and I would like to learn some parenting skills that will help. (Parenting Group Registration)